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Bred from a family of musicians and raw talent, it’s no wonder such an innate creativity ran through the veins of Who We Are from birth. Whether they were forming a Hip Hop group during their early teens or creating songs together, they always found sanctuary in music. But it wasn’t until their early 20s that the pulsating underground dance scene, with its energetic vibe and hypnotic bass-lines, created a movement in them to truly invent their own sound through the art of DJing. As young musicians, they nurtured their talent to reach greater heights and in 2010, Who We Are was born. The mission of Who We Are was to create and coordinate premier Afterhour experiences in the New Jersey area. Within months, Who We Are became a dynamic force, quickly achieving success in the underground scene. The Afterhour experiences weren’t just a destination for culturally diverse partygoers, breakers and househeads, but a home and community where inspiration thrived and freedom of expression was advocated. The duo unknowingly triggered an explosive fusion of people and music, bridging the gap between artist and fan to create a powerful unity that became the essence of Who We Are. Having risen to cult status by building their business from the ground up, both aim for longevity with Who We Are, instead of just a short-lived hype. Their ventures include establishing a record label/entertainment company and collaborating with other major artists in the industry. Despite their grand ambitions, Who We Are has no intention of transitioning out of performing. Creating sounds and memory that stay with you, and bring you closer to everyone in the room is what they thrive on.